Portable Pickleball Surface

Ecore has added a new product to its Ecore Athletic portfolio with the introduction of MODcourt Pickle, a portable, comfortable, high-performance indoor pickleball surface. MODcourt Pickle features an 8mm vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) base layer and is ideal for a wide range of facilities.

Designed with the avid pickleball player in mind, MODcourt Pickle consists of interlocking tiles that are pre-designed to create a temporary or permanent pickleball court installation. Tiles are offered in two sizes: standard/regulation and a mini option for tighter spaces or portable play. The easy-to-install system can be set up by just four people in as little as two hours.

MODcourt Pickle is meticulously crafted to strike a perfect balance between performance and comfort. The high-performance surface is engineered for heavy foot traction and remarkable speed with a high ball rebound rating for consistent, high-quality play. Additionally, the product has a force restitution of 17% and an energy restitution of 80%, which helps minimize body stress, provides optimal comfort for serious and recreational athletes alike, and promotes safety and ergonomic benefits while allowing for longer play time.

Sustainably made, MODcourt Pickle is comprised of 62% post-consumer recycled content, coated with water-based acrylic and has 100% organic liquid pigments. Offered in pre-designed colors, the inside of the court is Light Blue, the kitchen area is Championship Blue, and the outside of the court is Championship Green.