Energy Savings Performance Contract Will Save District Thousands

YERINGTON, Nev. — Nevada’s fourth largest school district, Lyon County School District in Yerington, Nev., has entered into an Energy Savings Performance Contract that is expected to save the district $345,000 annually for 15 years.

The district signed the $3.6 million ESPC with Framingham, Mass.-based Ameresco, Inc., an energy efficiency company that has worked on renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout the country. The contract will focus on infrastructure upgrades to 19 schools and four administrative buildings that serve over 8,400 students.

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Lighting Controls Provide Green Benefits

It’s no secret that replacing existing lights with more energy-efficient lighting sources, such as LED, is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy use.
Lighting in commercial buildings can account for up to 40 percent of total energy cost, but what most people don’t realize is that making the lighting source efficient is only half the story — an even greater level of energy reduction can come from improving lighting control.Read more

Houston District Receives $90K Efficiency Reward

HOUSTON — As part of its energy efficiency incentive program, Centerpoint energy company recently awarded a Houston school district more than $93,000 for efforts to reduce its peak electricity demand.
Spring Independent School District received the check as a reward for the total estimated annual kilowatt-hour savings at 10 of its schools.
Gloria Marshall Elementary Sch

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Skylight Efficiency

Cool roof technology is increasingly popular as more schools increase roof insulation to reduce HVAC capital expense and year-round operating cost.
While skylights are desirable for their ability to bring light into otherwise dark interiors, they also function as rooftop solar collectors and hinder the ability of cool roof technology to help reduce air conditioning operating costs.

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Q&A:Amy Yurko, Brain Spaces


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