Wheelchair Lift

Ascension introduces its new wheelchair lift, designed for flexibility, mobility, safety and reliability. The lift offers a control panel inside and outside which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It features no obstructive towers, providing a clear view for the audience. Requiring only 5.5 feet of linear space, the Ascension lift replaces up to 65 feet of linear ramp, ideal for on-stage events and performances. At a set-up of any height, its large casters make the lift portable in minutes, according to the company.

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Concealed Door Closer

Samuel Heath’s Perko Power controlled, concealed door closer heightens safety in the education sector. With fire performance credentials, maintenance-free service and enhanced aesthetics, the Perko Power door closer is designed to reduce risk in both fire and non-fire door situations. It offers total concealment, presenting little opportunity for vandalism and other damages, according to the company. The closer is ideal for new-build and/or refurbished school projects.

Samuel Heath

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Energy-Efficiency Dashboard

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard from QA Graphics provides a way to integrate a school’s energy efficiency and sustainability into the curriculum. Available as an application that can be used online or on other technology, such as interactive whiteboards or kiosks, the dashboard includes educational resources with real-time resource use statistics, educational demos showing how sustainable features work, interactive quizzes, games and environmental tips.

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