Suburban Chicago High School Adds Smoothie Bar & Upgraded HVAC

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Deerfield High School will spend $1.3 million on renovations this summer, plus add a new smoothie and coffee bar at no cost to the school.

With a new food service provider serving freshly made breakfast and lunch to students, teachers and staff, a coffee and smoothie bar will also be open throughout the day, according to a report from the Pioneer Press/Chicago Tribune. In addition to the new food service upgrades, which will be funded by the provider, Quest Food Management Services, the district will spend nearly $1.3 million on security upgrades, mechanical systems and other parts of the school before the 2018-2019 term. The largest amount is reportedly being spent on the HVAC system upgrade. When the school was built and expanded, there were three separate systems throughout the campus; when the work is done, there will be just one.

Ken Williams, an assistant principal at Deerfield, said in the report that when Quest takes over the cafeteria duties, the kitchen will be reworked to allow for the preparation of daily fresh options. He said Quest Food Management will make and fund those improvements.

Besides the kitchen renovations, improvements to the internal communications system, the HVAC system and other capital projects will be made, according to John Fuhrer, the facilities coordinator for the school district.

Renovations to the mechanical systems will reportedly cost $1 million while the improvements to the public address system will be $250,000. An additional $20,000 will go towards putting softball field bleachers, and $20,000 will fund a robotics room and makers space. Deerfield High’s public address system is being upgraded as well to ensure everyone in the main building can hear announcements as soon as they are made, with new speakers being installed so no one is more than 10-feet apart from one.