California Student Union Project Remains on Schedule

By SCN Staff

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.—Architect firm LPA Design Studios recently hosted a virtual three-hour furniture planning review meeting for the $68.8 million California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) Student Union expansion keeping the project on schedule during a key planning phase.

When completed in August 2021, the 105,000-square-foot expansion project will encompass varied indoor and outdoor spaces, including a pub with outdoor seating, game room, bowling alley, food vendors, dining and lounge space, and a campus bookstore. It also includes a conference and events center, student club offices, student government offices and meeting chamber and the student union administration offices. The variety of furniture selections for the three-story building will support student activities and help create social gathering and meeting places for students.

“Our goal is to finish the furniture planning before the spring term concludes, so we can continue to gather feedback and keep the project on track over the summer,” explained Rebecca Snellen, LPA Furniture Services Project Manager.

“While steel beams are going up, this is the pivotal time to make decisions for technology and power infrastructure, as well as furniture typologies and layouts.”

More than 70 percent larger than the existing student union, the new building will not only replace its predecessor, it will offer more space for the growing student population to study, relax, connect with student organizations and socialize. As LPA virtually presented each furniture plan, CSUSB’s facilities team provided feedback in real-time, keeping the project moving forward.

“The CSUSB facilities team is really in tune with their students and know what types of furniture will be widely used,” added Snellen. “We are able to make informed decisions collaboratively based on our expertise and the team’s clear understanding of their students. The Student Union is the glue that will hold campus life together. This is the place where students will connect and enrich their college experience.

Hathaway Dinwiddie is the Construction Manager at Risk on the project.