Lennox’s Humiditrol dehumidification system removes moisture based on relative humidity levels instead of a thermostat, while maintaining ASHRAE 62.1 2004 fresh air requirements. Available on many Lennox L series rooftop units, the Humiditrol system uses a patented hotgas reheat design to control humidity, removing more than 1.44 gallons of water per hour at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When humidity levels are high, the system delivers a dehumidified and neutral air supply. The system adds only three components to standard cooling systems. Designed for easy access, the three-way valve and check valve are accessible in the unit’s compressor section, with the system’s add-on board located on the integrated modular controller.

The system permits humidity to be monitored and controlled in several ways: at the unit via the IMC, through the building control system, using the Network Control Panel network manager, or from a personal computer or remote location using the Lennox Connection Network software.