HVAC Control

ICM Controls introduces the CC750 Comfort Control Center, a variable frequency/voltage blower motor speed control that helps maintain air quality and moisture levels. It controls the blower speed in existing HVAC systems and reduces humidity levels by removing excess moisture in the air.

The product can be used with a system equipped with advanced indoor air quality devices and installed by a trained HVAC contractor. It uses a menu-driven program and is designed for single-phase systems. It is available in 115 VAC and 230 VAC models.

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Duct Covers

DuctSox introduces the Designer Series fabric option for HVAC systems, a patterned fabric duct collection for commercial buildings with exposed ductwork. The series features a UL-approved polyester-blend fabric with a built-in antimicrobial treatment to minimize mold and mildew.

The set can be hung with a suspension cable, H-track or a suspension system that displays perpetual duct inflation during idle air handling periods.

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Lennox’s Humiditrol dehumidification system removes moisture based on relative humidity levels instead of a thermostat, while maintaining ASHRAE 62.1 2004 fresh air requirements. Available on many Lennox L series rooftop units, the Humiditrol system uses a patented hotgas reheat design to control humidity, removing more than 1.44 gallons of water per hour at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When humidity levels are high, the system delivers a dehumidified and neutral air supply. The system adds only three components to standard cooling systems.

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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions introduces a monitoring kit for measuring indoor air quality parameters.

The product measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity for determining the amount of dilution air applied to each space. An optional photo-ionization sensor measures volatile organic compounds down to the low ppb range.

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Heat Pump

ClimateMaster announces a new console water-source heat pump with EarthPure (HFC-410A) Zero Ozone Depletion. The pump is ideal for facilities where a ductless system may be required, such as schools, hotels and office buildings. Occupants are able to adjust temperatures in individual zones by using the wall-mounted or unit-mounted thermostat.

A cabinet and chassis are the main components of the unit, and the two-piece design allows for the chassis to be installed in a customized cabinet.

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The B-Series bronze control valve is available from Spirax Sarco and is designed for industrial HVAC, food and beverage, textile and automotive applications.

The product series is housed in a bronze body with a nitrile-reinforced rubber diaphragm and stainless steel head, stem and seat. It is available in 1/2-inch to 2-inch body sizes. Features include stem seals, one-piece plug/stem design and a non-threaded seat for reliable shut-off.

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