Renewable energy for your HVAC

Promotion — Delivering some of the most efficient, cost-effective HVAC solutions in the market, Lennox is a bright spot for schools across the country. The SunSource® Commercial Energy System collects free, clean energy from the sun, feeds it directly into Lennox’ solar-ready Energence® rooftop unit, and supplies any excess electricity to other electric devices or back to the power grid. Designed to reduce energy spending and emissions, the SunSource system can provide effective efficiency levels of up to 34 SEER and beyond.

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Solar Thermal Air Conditioning

DuHybrid air-conditioning system from DuCool is powered by solar thermal energy or electricity to reduce the energy required for cooling by up to 60 percent, compared to standard air conditioning, according to the company. The system combines desiccant dehumidification with evaporative or geothermal cooling to eliminate the need for conventional mechanical cooling.

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Low-VOC Flooring

CBC Corp. announces the addition of five new colors to its Lintotesta line of vinyl flooring for light- and heavy-duty commercial environments. The stone-like resilient tile flooring is now available in 33 color selections. New additions include pearl gray, soft taupe, warm neutral beige, soft spruce green and tangerine. The 17.7-foot x 17.7-foot tiles are made from 50 percent post-industrial recycled content. Low-VOC emissions can contribute to LEED credits. Tiles are 0.12 inches thick.

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HVAC Control

ICM Controls introduces the CC750 Comfort Control Center, a variable frequency/voltage blower motor speed control that helps maintain air quality and moisture levels. It controls the blower speed in existing HVAC systems and reduces humidity levels by removing excess moisture in the air.

The product can be used with a system equipped with advanced indoor air quality devices and installed by a trained HVAC contractor. It uses a menu-driven program and is designed for single-phase systems. It is available in 115 VAC and 230 VAC models.

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Duct Covers

DuctSox introduces the Designer Series fabric option for HVAC systems, a patterned fabric duct collection for commercial buildings with exposed ductwork. The series features a UL-approved polyester-blend fabric with a built-in antimicrobial treatment to minimize mold and mildew.

The set can be hung with a suspension cable, H-track or a suspension system that displays perpetual duct inflation during idle air handling periods.

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Heat Pumps

ClimateMaster added 6-ton units to its Tranquility 27 series of geothermal and water-source heat pumps that use EarthPure zero ozone depletion refrigerant. The product line features double-isolated compressor mounting and an ECM variable speed fan motor, foil-backed air handler insulation, MERV11 pleated 2-inch filters and dehumidification mode.

Pumps are available in 2 to 6 tons with efficiencies up to 31.5 EER and 5.1 COP. They are rated for water loop heat pump, ground loop heat pump and ground water heat pump in upflow, downflow, horizontal and split system configurations.

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Room Sterilizer

Zimek manufactures a room-sterilizing system that enables the complete sterilization of all interior air within a confined space and disinfects all surfaces wherever free air flows, according to the company. Inside each system is a micro-particle generator that converts a disinfectant solution into negatively charged ion particulates. The particulates attach to positively charged contaminants in a room and attack all surfaces.

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Lennox’s Humiditrol dehumidification system removes moisture based on relative humidity levels instead of a thermostat, while maintaining ASHRAE 62.1 2004 fresh air requirements. Available on many Lennox L series rooftop units, the Humiditrol system uses a patented hotgas reheat design to control humidity, removing more than 1.44 gallons of water per hour at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When humidity levels are high, the system delivers a dehumidified and neutral air supply. The system adds only three components to standard cooling systems.

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Exhaust Fans

Greenheck released a new line of high-wind and hurricane exhaust fans that can withstand up to 150 mph with no tie-downs to the roof. The fans feature structural bracing on the interior and exterior of the fan and a special high-wind roof curb.

Models H-G (direct drive) and H-GB (belt drive) are for general exhaust and have performance ranges up to 14,000 cfm and up to 2.75 inches wg. Models H-CUE and H-CUBE are for food-service facilities and have performance ranges up to 14,700 cfm and up to 5 inches wg. All models are licensed for AMCA sound and air performance.

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