Module Lighting Control

Lutron Electronics recently announced the addition of the Twist-Lock Radio Daylight Module to its Limelight product family. The module allows control of pole-style luminaires across a wide variety of manufacturers, in new or retrofit applications. The Twist-Lock Module works with any 0-10V electronic LED driver to enhance outdoor fixtures with smart control enabling daylighting, scheduling, remote monitoring. and more.

The module can be easily specified into luminaires manufactured with standard ANSI 3-, 5-, or 7-pin C136.41 receptacles. Once installed, the built-in connections enable power to the device, daylight sensing, switching, and 0-10V dimming without any additional wiring, and with no need to install anything else within the fixture. When AC (120/277V) power is applied, the factory default daylight setting will turn the fixture OFF when there is sufficient daylight available, even before a fixture is added to a Limelight system.

Lutron Electronics