Foldable Auditorium Seat

Quinette Gallay, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-end seating solutions for performing art centers, auditoriums and cinemas, recently announced that it is offering a new space-efficient product – a foldable auditorium seat that takes up as little as 6.5” when closed.

The Avos Auditorium Seat is futuristic in its capabilities and its elegant, thin design. To suit various venue configurations, Avos is available in two backrest heights, 35” and 38”, both offering optimal support to the spine. Additionally, the seats offer customizable embroidered seat numbers, and end-of-row plate lettering. The greatest innovation that the Avos provides, however, is that the seat, back, and armrests are perfectly weighted to fold up in one single fluid action.

Quinette Gallay