SPACE: The All-School Storage System

By VS America Staff

“Clutter is a universal problem. Teachers really need an easier way to organize, store, and access their materials. SPACE is a simple, empowering system that optimizes space and reduces costs.”

SPACE is a system that enables teachers and students to store resources based on frequency of use and ease of access. Designed by David A. Stubbs II, SPACE is an all-school system that solves all kinds of issues. Cuts clutter. Improves workflow. Optimizes resources. Raises visibility. Invites creative collisions. Empowers teachers and students. And can store 40% more than standard casework. Ultimately saving costs too.

Backpacks and books. Flutes and forks. Storage to-go schoolwide.
How it works. The mobile carts, or SpaceWalk, are used to gather shared resources from the storage areas. Teachers and administrators – sometimes aided by students – select bins needed for the day or week. Then they roll the cart to wherever the lesson or activity takes place. Once the task is completed they return the materials to the storage areas. The wide variety of bins and carts in this system are designed to handle just about everything.

Schools that pivot well, do well.
As we’ve all recently seen, the ability to pivot, shift, and adapt to the times is a core competency needed at all schools. Architects, designers, and school planners are increasingly being tasked with creating spaces that foster a wider range of collaborative and personalized learning opportunities. Agility is key here and SPACE is light years beyond other storage methods by freeing classrooms of clutter, casework, and junk closets. In addition, SPACE adapts to change by being easy to scale and customize as you go.

SPACE: A smarter system to organize, see, and share resources.
Learning spaces shouldn’t have to be default repositories for supplies, from tubs of wipes to glue sticks. SPACE Depots and storage areas reduce clutter and overstuffed casework.

Organizing and storing resources with the SPACE system cleans up the classroom and creates more space for teaching off the walls. The mobility of the bins, including those designed for books, supports personalized learning and student agency.

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