Peter Dry

Peter Dry, EdD has joined DLR Group as a member of the K-12 Education studio. He will work directly with a team of professionals executing BOLD: bridging organization, learning, and design—a service designed to help school districts successfully implement new innovative learning environments.

Dry has global experience in transforming schools. His ability to lead change in organizations around the world has resulted in new and innovative practices in leadership and education. He helped found an international school in Norway, has consulted to schools in Australia, South Africa, and the United States, and has taught in schools on five different continents. Dry worked on two major renovation projects at schools in Australia and America to enhance teaching and learning. He worked closely with architects to design spaces that would allow students greater ownership of the buildings, easier access to technology, areas that promote inquiry-based learning and in general a more student-centered approach.

Dry is a regular presenter at conferences around the world, and is co-founder of The Simunye Project, a non-profit organization that grows the leadership capacity of young adults to positively impact underprivileged communities in South Africa. After earning three degrees at the University of Natal in South Africa, he earned a Master of Education at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia and a Doctorate of Education at Capella University in Michigan.