Unit Heaters

Nortek Global HVAC (NGH) announces the release of three new capacities for the Reznor® UEZ condensing gas-fired unit heater. This industry-leading model supplies fuel-efficient heating to ensure cost-effective operation while promoting the safety and comfort of building occupants.

Features of the launch include:

  • Three new sizes: 55, 85, and 110 MBH.
  • Certifications for industrial/commercial use and residential, non-living space applications (such as workshops and garages).
  • 93% fuel efficiency for cost-effective operation.
  • Improved sustainability and reduced environmental impact.
  • Outside air used for combustion, eliminating drafty infiltration problems, and improving building performance and comfort.
  • Bright status light, hinged access door, and seven-segment error code display on the control board for easier service and maintenance.
  • Appliance-grade finish that is attractive for residential applications while robust enough for commercial and industrial applications.

The line is expertly designed, tested, and backed by 134 years of Reznor heating experience. The new sizes enable large and small spaces to be heated efficiently while reducing operating costs and the building’s carbon footprint. These additional capacities provide one-stop-shopping for all unit heater needs.