Shading Solution

What do you do when you have an angled window that requires interior shading? A new solution from Draper means you don’t have to use a square shade and overlap the window opening.

The Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade can be sill-mounted in the window. It can handle angles up to 45 degrees in either direction. The shade panel is kept under constant tension by thin cables that deploy from tensioned spring boxes and attach to a flexible hem bar. Draper uses a .06-inch (1.5 mm) low-stretch, high fatigue cable with a polyester jacket.

To help installers get it just right, the Draper engineering team built tracking adjustment right in to the idler endcap. It’s a simple two-part process to adjust the tracking of the fabric panel so it always looks perfectly straight. The maximum width is 144 inches. Maximum height is 144 inches tall, depending on fabric choice and the width of the unit.