Adolfson & Peterson Delivers Pair of Projects for University of North Texas

By Eric Althoff

DENTON, Texas—Construction management and contracting firm Adolfson & Peterson has completed two projects at the University of North Texas, one for arts and the other for engineering.

The contractor renovated UNT’s Jazz Lab, updating nearly 4,000 square feet of space dedicated to rehearsal for the university’s various jazz ensembles. Among the renovations were updates to the performance spaces themselves, as well as adding in recording and webcasting equipment and upgrading the interior’s acoustical performance.

AP also built the Advanced Air Mobility (UAAM) Test Center, a 120x300x80 netted facility dedicated to research in unmanned air systems as well as autonomous ground vehicles. The new building offers the ability to create various internal weather so that unmanned aircraft can be stress-tested for various meteorological conditions. Under these parameters test-pilots can see how the remote-piloted aircraft fare against collisions and impacts, as well as the amount of control needed in harsh weather.

AP worked with designer Smith Group on the music project and Walter P Moore on the Air Mobility Lab.

“As one of Texas’s largest universities, UNT is a premier institute of higher education for DFW and the entire state, and it’s a privilege to complete two building projects for the campus,” Michael Ortiz, Project Executive for AP, said of his firm’s work. “To continue having an impact, these facilities need to be updated with the latest technology and offer new research opportunities.

“The facility upgrades and the new building help UNT continue to thrive as a top university.”

Added Jeff Brown, associate vice president for facilities at UNT: “We’re excited about the renovations made to the College of Music’s Jazz Lab. These improvements will support our talented students as they continue developing their skills for many years to come.”

“The UAAM Test center is amazing. We look forward to seeing the research that takes place in this facility, propelling drone technology forward.”