Convertible Water Cooler

The new OASIS® Aquarius Convertible Water Cooler deploys its versatility in providing water either with a 5-gallon bottle or by connecting directly to a water line. It also delivers hot, cold, and room temperature water on demand through either source.

Deciding whether to use bottled or plumbed water is an ongoing quandary when choosing how to provide drinking water in public spaces. OASIS forever settles it with a unit that can use either. Plus, it has the added benefit of bottom loading for those who choose bottled water, eliminating the need to hoist heavy bottles.

The convection-cooled condenser and spring-mounted, hermetically sealed compressor require no lubrication. Refrigerant is controlled by a capillary tube, and temperature is controlled by a preset thermostat for maximum performance. The cold-water reservoir is Type 300 series stainless steel with an external refrigerant coil and expanded bead polystyrene insulation. Its one-piece hot water tank has a 420-watt heating element for fast, efficient heating, delivering one-and-a-half gallons of piping hot water per hour with a one-quart storage tank.

OASIS International