Case Study: Discovery STEM Academy

Rethinking Today’s Education for the World of the Future

“The learning space is as fluid as the curriculum, or fluid as the day needs to be. It’s driven by the students.” – Michelle Braxton, Fourth Grade Teacher, Discovery STEM Academy

Learning spaces are an integral component of STEM. At Discovery STEM Academy, dynamic learning spaces – designed to support flexible, experiential, and project-based learning – pair with a curriculum centered on STEM, to prepare students for the future while maximizing their learning experience in the present.

“I think if you look at where we’re going in our culture, everything’s based around science, technology, engineering, and math,” says Erin Weaver, Third Grade Teacher. “STEM’s important because it’s where our future is going. The physical learning space here at Discovery STEM is so different than other schools. We have a collaborative learning zone, and it’s set up for students to go out and work. This place is set up for them to go explore.”

In this case study, find out how Discovery STEM Academy, an elementary school in Newport News, VA, implemented key elements of their learning design using VS America’s agile furniture and the learning environments designed by Grimm + Parker.