Modular Meeting Room System

Spacestor, designer and manufacturer of workplace furniture solutions is proud to launch a modular meeting room system, Verandas. The first of its kind, Verandas is an easy-to-assemble, acoustically sealed room that is infinitely scalable and fully equipped with power and lighting—giving businesses the flexibility to build, remodel, deconstruct, and move their conference spaces as their offices grow or change. It’s a meeting room that never has to be thrown away, it adapts as workplace needs evolve.

Essentially a kit of parts that are flexible and can adapt to the evolving needs of any organization, Verandas’ framework can grow to almost any size—from an individual pod to a 12-person meeting room and beyond. A unique, patented acoustic seal technique seals the entire structure to the floor achieving a high acoustic quality. This allows each panel of the exterior walls to be activated to form additional work settings like collaboration zones, heads-down workstations, or even storage areas.

Designed to accommodate every brand’s unique identity and aesthetic, Verandas are customizable with a thorough range of upholstery materials, cladding, and finishes, and additional add-ons including cubbys, lockers, bench seats, white or chalkboards, cork walls, and “writeable” glass panels. Additionally, Verandas provides autonomy to its users through its inclusion of adjustable ventilation, dimmable, and/or app-controlled lighting to customize comfort levels to support their best work. Spacestor’s design technology allows the client to fully visualize the structure before purchase, and deliver every necessary component to the space.