Woven Design Screen

Serge Ferrari Group, a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative composite fabrics, is pleased to introduce Soltis® Touch—a new woven design screen that features an elevated design with visual, thermal and acoustic comfort. Soltis® Touch combines Serge Ferrari Group’s innovative, durable technology with a unique aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on solar performance, health, or safety.

A thoroughly sustainable product, Soltis® Touch is GreenGuard Gold certified for indoor air quality, making this screen the perfect fit for applications in a variety of spaces. This phthalate-free fabric is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle and has been tested against all North American standards for fire retardancy, further ensuring its level of safety for use in public spaces.

Soltis® Touch is constructed of extruded polyester yarn, woven with additional fiber to create a sophisticated fabric with a natural textile look and feel. The polyester base, which features Smart Yarn® technology, is more dimensionally stable than other polyester equivalents as it minimizes elongation and the need for re-tensioning over time.

Soltis® Touch is available in 28 colors with offerings like Twilight, Turmeric, Carrara, and Maple.

Serge Ferrari