College Auditorium Earns LEED Silver

Silfen Auditorium

NEW LONDON, Conn. — The largest classroom at Connecticut College earned LEED Silver certification after the completion of remodeling work.

Bill Hall’s Silfen Auditorium, which seats up to 150 people, was renovated in 2008 and brought up to date with tools for interactive teaching and learning, officials said.

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University Solar Fields on the Rise

University campuses are often the hotspot of new trends — ones that come in all shape and form. One of the latest trends is an increasing number of solar energy fields hosted by universities, made possible by a number of supporting factors.
At Colorado State University, a solar electric system is up and running, according to Carol Dollard, energy engineer at the school.

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Green School Retrofits

Sometimes the Greenest School is the One You Already Have

Just because you aren’t building green schools doesn’t mean you can’t make an existing school facility green.

Green schools don’t have to be new schools. By improving the operational efficiency and environmental performance of existing facilities, you can make the most of your school buildings and ensure that every student, teacher and staff member in your district can enjoy the health and performance benefits of a green school.

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