Reimagined Gymnasium Coming to Missouri High School

By Eric Althoff

FULTON, Mo.—General contractor Nabholz Construction Corporation and designers at the Architects Alliance are close to completion of a renovated gym at Fulton High School. That is but one piece of rehabilitation at the school, inclusive of upgrading the school’s electrical and plumbing complements.

According to the Fulton Sun, the contractors have also redone the high school’s parking lots, as well as other lots for both the nearby elementary and middle schools. The team has also upgraded Fulton’s high school and choir rooms.

With the utility and parking work finished, Nabholz is focusing more on the gymnasium specifically. This includes adding an entirely new floor to the athletic facility, according to the Sun. New bleachers are also being added for spectators.

Fulton 58 Public Schools reports that the work is largely funded by a $27.5-million bond that was passed in the summer of 2020 in the form of Proposition S. The district serves over 2,000 students.

Nabholz is based in Rogers, Ark. They operate in Missouri from two offices in Columbia and Springfield.