Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes

Hospeco Brands Group, a leading manufacturer of products that protect, clean, and provide care and comfort to millions around the globe, has introduced a powerful new cleaning wipe solution—in stock and available through the company’s distribution channel. New and widely available WetWorks® Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes make clean-up easy with a single-dispense, 8.4″ x 6″ wipe that contains a hospital-grade quaternary formula.

WetWorks Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes come 800 to a roll and can be loaded into either a wall-mounted or floor-style dispenser. Adjustable pull tension dispenses one wipe at a time, reducing waste and saving money. The transparent cover makes it easy to see when wipes are low. The floor-style dispenser comes with a discreet wastebasket to encourage patron use and safe disposal.

Hospeco Brands