Flooring Solution

Blockade & Soundblock, from Tarkett, feature bold geometric patterns and are created using Jhane Barnes’ own custom programmable software filters. By defining an algorithm that determines color placement, and then shifting and rotating layers of the pattern on top of each other, Jhane is able to manipulate the final aesthetic each time she adjusts the numbers. With mathematical formulas as her guide, Jhane has mastered the art of making structured patterns appear random and unpredictable.

Orginally seen in a shirt Jhane designed years ago for her menswear collection created exclusively for Neiman Marcus, Blockade features a playful geometric pattern and its seemingly random color placements. Using a different branch of mathematics, Jhane created Soundblock as a companion pattern. Even though the components of the Soundblock design are smaller, the overall visual effect appears to have a larger scale than Blockade, making it ideal for expansive, open spaces.

These soft surface styles are available in Powerbond® and modular platforms that offer ideal flooring solutions for office, education and hospitality spaces.